Why use T3 for Alabama Hair Restoration

T3 hair restoration is the only source men and women of any age, suffering from hair loss will need to seek out for a solution. T3 is the only comprehensive medical hair loss practice, in Alabama, that offers every category of hair loss treatments. From drug therapy (Propecia, Rogaine) to  Healeon stem cell therapy, T3 will help you keep your hair, grow your hair, and restore your hair.  T3 was founded by the innovative  Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D., who revolutionized Birmingham hair replacement when he introduced Neograft to Alabama. This technology eliminates the traditional strip method used for Alabama hair replacement. T3 will remain Alabama’s first and most experienced team for Neograft. Alabama hair restoration now has a comprehensive medical practice dedicated to the treatment of thinning hair.

Birmingham hair loss patients will also be able to find cutting edge therapies offered by T3 such as PRP or platelet rich plasma. This treatment uses a patient’s own blood to help stimulate hair follicle regeneration. T3 uses high end technology to prepare your PRP with the Arteriocyte Magellan hair restoration system. The PRP can be injected directly into the scalp or applied to the skin, after a process called micro needling. T# does not use a cheap hand held battery operated device, a high speed device from Germany is used that allows precise control of the micro needling process.

Alabama hair restoration will be again changed as T3 continues to innovate. and is the first to introduce new Alabama hair loss therapies.  Stem cell therapy is now available using the Healeon system. A patient’s own fat cells will be converted into stem cells and injected into the scalp to allow the follicles to regenerate. No other Alabama hair restoration provider is offering this therapy option!

T3 Hair restoration is the only place people, in Alabama and the Southeast will need to visit to address their hair loss concerns. Visit us online at www.T3hair.net or call us at (205) 776-7985 or 1-866-msbmd77.

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