Patient Reviews

When men and women look for the best hair restoration surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama, they often first look for reviews written by actual patients on independent websites. Patients discuss their personal experiences with the practice and the care and expertise of the surgeon and technicians who performed their procedures. Dr. Michael Beckenstein and his team encourage you to read the reviews and testimonials from T3 Hair Preservation patients.

I’ve started the second phase and I’m absolutely loving it…

“Unfortunately the older we get, things start to fall apart. Things fall out. I started to lose my hair (and) I had no idea. Nobody told me. So I’m like almost 6’3 (and) when I look in the mirror everything looked good. When we started our new venture here on The Next Round we started to do…more visual stuff. When I would turn to the side I noticed I had a patch of hair missing. I’m like ‘my God what’s going on here?’ I asked around (and) everyone said Dr. Beckenstein is the guy you need to go see. He’s a pioneer in NeoGraft® here in the Southeast. I went in, got the consultation, and we started treatment. Since my treatment my hairs were already thicker. I’ve started the second phase and I’m absolutely loving it. I swear by Dr. Beckenstein and seeing Dr. B is the best in the business. Whether it’s you or someone you love and they’re starting to thin a little bit, let them know about it. Be preemptive. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, what stage you’re at. Dr. B’s got a ton of integrity. He’s going to tell you if he can help you or not. He’s helping me right now. I’m absolutely loving it. Dr. Beckenstein’s the best.”

Alabama sports journalist Lance Taylor

So much better and easier than the surgery I had…

“I wish I had the Neograft procedure my first go around! It was so much better and easier than the surgery I had. My results are awesome, and I highly recommend Dr. Beckenstein and his team to anyone.” – JE

The process was so easy.

“…. I am so pleased with my results. The process was so easy; it’s the best way to get a head of hair.” – HS

My family and hairdresser were amazed.

“My family is amazed at how much thicker my hair looks. My hairdresser is too. The laser is so good that my husband has been using it and is seeing an improvement too.” – NA

Dr. B was able to make my hairline look more natural.

“I had three strip procedures and could not have another, yet Dr B was able to remove hair from other areas and make my hairline look more natural.” – TW

Michael S. Beckenstein MD, FACS

Dr. Beckenstein is one of the leading hair preservation and restoration specialists in the South and treats each patient personally. The board-certified plastic surgeon combines exceptional technical skill with a personable demeanor to create a relaxed environment for the men and women concerned about hair loss.

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My hair loss has stopped.

“I’m 21 years old and was losing hair fast. I hated how I looked and did not want to take any medicine. When Dr Beckenstein told me about the laser, I was excited. My hair loss has stopped, and I won’t need hair grafts now.” – JM

T3 Hair Restoration is amazing.

“In one day I went from completely bald on top to having noticeable hair. It was such an easy and very quick recovery. I will do an other round to increase my results. T3 Hair Restoration is amazing.” – BM

Dr. Beckenstein offers the complete package for hair replacement.

“The combination of Neograft, laser treatments, and PRP has only been offered by T3 Hair Restoration. I went to other places and none told me about these. Dr Beckenstein offers the complete package for hair replacement.”- TW

I really appreciate the new look

As of this morning I am able to lightly shampoo my graft area and I can see just what a good job you guys did. I really appreciate the new look I am going to have. To see a hair line again in the mirror is startling at first glance. I think it will be fun getting used to it and already want more. I have never had so much fun in a physician’s office. This was much easier than the previous strip method I had! – HS

I will do it again.

I had 2 scalp reductions and 3 strip procedures. Dr. Beckenstein and the T3 team put in more grafts than the others and it was much easier and a lot less painful. I will do it again. – JE

These results can’t be beat

I noticed my hairline starting to go back in my late teens. I was put on finasteride by a dermatologist and it offered some efficacy for a few years. However, I noticed I was still losing hair and didn’t want to be bald in my 20s. I found Dr. Beckenstein and his team and my life was quickly upgraded. I had a consultation where I was put on a laser cap treatment that made a big difference. Dr. Beckenstein also told me about the PRP treatment option. I began this treatment a few times per year along with my cap treatment. This has led to not only more hair, but also healthier looking hair. In the time I’ve been going to this office, I have gone from noticeable hair loss to regularly getting compliments on a ‘full head of hair.’ These results can’t be beat. To make it even better, Dr. Bckenstein and his team are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Everyone there truly cares for the well-being of their patients and is incredibly supportive, which I find to be a huge benefit given how sensitive of a topic hair loss can be. They listen to your concerns and care about helping. I am incredibly grateful for all they’ve done for me and I look forward to many more years of visiting these talented, kind people.” – Andrew