Stem Cell Therapy

The latest trend in advanced medicine is the use of stem cells to restore and rebuild damaged tissues and treat injuries. Stem cell therapy is new in the treatment of hair loss. T3 Hair Preservation uses the Healeon system for stem cell therapy. This state-of-the-art system is the first in Alabama, and T3 will be a site for FDA-approved trials to treat hair loss for our Birmingham patients from Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and across Alabama.

Who Is a Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Hair preservation is the focus of our practice, and stem cell therapy is ideally suited to that philosophy. Stem cell therapy can prevent, slow down, or even stop thinning hair in men and women of all ages. Treatments are most effective for people in the early stages of hair loss. People with complete hair loss may need a hair restoration treatment like NeoGraft®.

Michael S. Beckenstein MD, FACS

Dr. Beckenstein is one of the leading hair preservation and restoration specialists in the South and treats each patient personally. The board-certified plastic surgeon combines exceptional technical skill with a personable demeanor to create a relaxed environment for the men and women concerned about hair loss.

Credentials You Can Trust

How Does It Work?

Stem cells are abundant in our bone marrow and fat cells. They can stimulate the hair follicles into producing thicker, healthier hair. For stem cell therapy, we harvest stem cells from the layer of fat just below the skin (called subcutaneous fat or adipose tissue) because it is easy to access and involves very little discomfort.

What Happens During Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss?

Stem cell therapy involves 2 parts: (1) harvesting and processing the fat and (2) injecting the stem cells.

Harvesting and Processing the Fat

Dr. Beckenstein can harvest the fat needed for this treatment in only about 5 minutes. After numbing the skin with a topical cream, he numbs the area of targeted fat with an injection of a local anesthetic. Dr. Beckenstein then extracts a small amount of fat using a micro-cannula liposuction technique. Patients can return to work, run errands, or do another activity while Dr. Beckenstein separates the stem cells out of the fat using the Healeon CENTRIcyte™ system. This process takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Injecting Stem Cells

Next, the patient returns to the office, and the thinning areas of the scalp are numbed. Dr. Beckenstein then carefully injects the stem cells into the scalp, much like with PRP treatments. This process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

When the treatment is complete, patients return home and wash their hair. They can then go back to work and normal activities right away. There is no downtime whatsoever.

When Will I See Results?

Results can be seen after about 6 months. Dr. Beckenstein evaluates patients before and after treatment using a specialized computer analysis system that measures the diameter of the hair shafts. The results provide actual numbers that can be compared to quantify the difference in hair thickness.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Dr. Beckenstein recommends 2 treatments a year.

Which Treatment Is Right for You? 

Dr. Beckenstein’s personalized care includes a thorough history, physical examination, lab work, computer analysis, and genetic assessment. This enables him to create a comprehensive plan just for you; this can be a single therapy or a combination of treatments. It’s the kind of hands-on approach you won’t find at “big box” hair restoration practices.  

If you’re concerned that your hair is beginning to thin, the first step to enjoying thicker hair is to request a consultation using the online form. Or call us at (205) 319-0316 to schedule an appointment.