Hair Loss Products

Supplementing hair restoration treatments at our Birmingham, AL, practice with products you can use at home enhances and extends your results. Dr. Michael Beckenstein often recommends these products as part of a comprehensive approach to hair loss treatment. These products for hair loss also offer patients from Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and surrounding areas with limited budgets a more affordable hair restoration option.


Advances in haircare science have led to the development of products that can help reverse hair loss. That includes a category called bioceuticals—synthetic, hybrid products that include both elements of pharmaceutical agents and over-the-counter treatments.

T3 Hair Preservation offers OMNI bioceutical products, which provide benefits similar to those provided when treating hair loss with growth factors from a patient’s blood (PRP therapy). They contain more therapeutic properties than the hair loss remedies you can purchase online or in stores and are excellent supplements for hair restoration programs. These products nourish the scalp and help promote hair thickening, hair health, and may help rejuvenate dormant hair follicles.

Hair health bioceutical products offer several benefits, including:

  • They are cost-effective.
  • There is no blood draw required.
  • They stimulate follicles to produce thicker hair shafts.
  • They contain synthetic growth factors.

You can discuss the use of bioceuticals for hair growth when meeting with Dr. Beckenstein.

Michael S. Beckenstein MD, FACS

Dr. Beckenstein is one of the leading hair preservation and restoration specialists in the South and treats each patient personally. The board-certified plastic surgeon combines exceptional technical skill with a personable demeanor to create a relaxed environment for the men and women concerned about hair loss.

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Home Hair Restoration Therapies

Some of the at-home hair restoration therapies we offer are similar to microneedling treatments we perform at our practice. Reload Therapeutic kits customized for men or women include a handheld microneedling device and a 2-stage product series. Reload is a leading hair regrowth therapy system that uses selected plant extracts and peptides in 3 separate formulations designed to lower levels of DHT (a hormone that causes premature hair loss), promote new hair growth, and cleanse and stimulate the scalp.

In the first stage of the Reload therapy, you prepare the scalp using the microneedling device with topical products that remove the scalp’s outer layer of skin. The next stage involves treating the follicles with nutrient-rich products that include extracts from 9 plants and select peptides.

Ideal candidates for Reload therapy are men and women in the early stages of hair loss or who want a hair maintenance system. We also recommend it to boost other hair restoration treatments such as NeoGraft®. These do-it-yourself treatments are affordable and easy to use.

What Sets Us Apart

What does T3 Hair Preservation offer that "big box" hair restoration practices don't?

  • Continuity of care—Dr. Beckenstein personally treats each patient
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Advanced hair restoration and preservation treatments

Hair and Scalp Enrichments

We carefully choose the most beneficial products for our T3 Hair Preservation patients. When it comes to maintaining a healthy scalp and head of hair, we’ve got a full line of products to meet individual needs. We offer Reload enrichment products that contain elements of zinc, copper, plant derivatives, and peptide agents. The products also include specialized shampoos and conditioners.

If you’re concerned about hair loss and are looking in Alabama or surrounding states for a hair restoration specialist, request a consultation with Dr. Beckenstein using the online form or call us at (205) 776-7985 to schedule an appointment.