Better Than Bosley 

When you’re looking for a practice that provides hair loss treatments in Birmingham, AL, what qualities do you consider most important? Most likely, you want to find an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with a sustained track record of excellence. You want a surgeon who is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving hair preservation and restoration technology. You’ll find that here with Dr. Michael Beckenstein. You also want a practice experienced in hair preservation. T3 is Alabama’s oldest comprehensive hair preservation practice, helping men and women for more than 15 years.  

More than that, you’ll get personalized, one-on-one care from only Dr. Beckenstein and his experienced staff throughout your treatment. From your first appointment to your final follow-up meeting, he will design and perform your customized treatment plan. Bosley employs various types of physicians, some are not board-certified plastic surgeons, and you may not see the same physicians and staff during your treatment. To be treated by Bosley, you have to travel out of the state and have no physical continuity with your doctor when you return home. In contrast, Dr. Beckenstein and his staff will always be right here for you! 

That’s why T3 Hair Preservation is the choice of men and women concerned about hair loss who travel from Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, throughout Alabama, and neighboring states for treatment provided by Dr. Beckenstein.  

T3 Hair Preservation vs. ‘FRANCHISED” Hair Treatment 

One of the most important factors in successful hair restoration procedures is getting to know and trust the surgeon and team who perform the procedure. During the initial consultation at T3 Hair Preservation, Dr. Beckenstein discusses your goals and learns what led you to seek treatment for hair loss. He can also offer a wider range of hair restoration and hair preservation treatments than any other practice in Birmingham and the state of Alabama. You will be visiting only with him and his staff, so you develop a long, trusting relationship. 

At “franchise” hair restoration centers, you may see a different provider at each appointment. The person may not be a board-certified surgeon, and depending on the treatment, you may have to travel out of the state to have the procedure performed. The quality of results you get from a chain hair restoration center depends on the individual doing the procedure. Dr. Beckenstein is the only provider you will see. He will personally develop and, along with his experienced staff, render your treatment plan. You will consistently see them at every visit! 

What Sets Us Apart

What does T3 Hair Preservation offer that "big box" hair restoration practices don't?

  • Continuity of care—Dr. Beckenstein personally treats each patient
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Advanced hair restoration and preservation treatments

Ingenuity & Innovation 

As the first physician to offer the NeoGraft® automated hair transplant system in Alabama, Dr. Beckenstein has also brought in many other revolutionary treatments. These treatments include stem cell therapy, true PRP, scalp micropigmentation, and transdermal infusions. Dr. Beckenstein is highly regarded as an innovator in hair preservation and restoration techniques. That doesn’t mean, however, that he adopts the latest treatment; they have to be tried and true, safe, and effective. They must meet his standards for providing the best possible results.  

For example, Dr. Beckenstein continues to use the NeoGraft system at his practice rather than Artas®, a fully robotic hair transplantation procedure that other practices now use. Both NeoGraft and Artas perform follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques and are minimally invasive, but their differences are striking. Surgery and hair replacement are art forms, they need human judgment, the human eye, and the human touch to create a great natural hairline and head of hair. Robots are automated devices that do not possess any of these human qualities.They cannot make artistic adjustments or know the nuances of hair replacement. They just “drone on as bots do.” A robot would never have the vision nor artistry to create what DaVinci or Michelangelo did! Furthermore, the Artas procedures have a higher graft failure rate and are more expensive. 

Michael S. Beckenstein MD, FACS

Dr. Beckenstein is one of the leading hair preservation and restoration specialists in the South and treats each patient personally. The board-certified plastic surgeon combines exceptional technical skill with a personable demeanor to create a relaxed environment for the men and women concerned about hair loss.

Credentials You Can Trust

NeoGraft vs Artas: Which Is Better for You? 

The popularity of follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration has increased in recent years as technological advances have made this procedure more successful and efficient. For many patients, the question isn’t whether to have FUE or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) but whether NeoGraft or Artas is better for them.  

The primary difference between NeoGraft and Artas is how hair follicles are harvested and implanted. NeoGraft is a semi-automated, hand-held device that the provider guides. Artas uses a computer-controlled robotic arm. When you choose Dr. Beckenstein to perform your NeoGraft hair transplant, you benefit from the “human touch” along with the artistry, experience, and judgment that a robotic system cannot deliver. When designing a natural hairline, adjustments need to be made using human experience that a robot does not have. 

The Artas system is expensive and the provider has to pay the company for each graft harvested and implanted. There is also a technician’s fee. T3 Hair Preservation, with the Neograft technology, offers a superior, more affordable option! 

We Look Forward To Meeting You 

If you’re concerned about losing hair or have already noticed hair thinning, Dr. Beckenstein and his team have an array of solutions that help boost hair growth and your confidence. Request a consultation using the online form to discuss your hair loss concerns at our Birmingham, AL, practice or call us at (205) 776-7985 to schedule an appointment.