Why Stem Cells to Treat Thinning Hair in Alabama?

We will explain how this latest Alabama hair loss therapy, offered by T3 hair restoration in Birmingham, can be effective for you. Stem cells are the cells that help build,  maintain, and restore tissues in your body. They are located in your bone marrow and fat cells. These stem cells can be harvested and used to help regenerate and restore certain cells in your body. Orthopedists, cardiologists, and other specialties are using these cells for therapies. In fact, there is a whole new field of regenerative medicine that will be employing stem cells to treat various maladies.

Fat derived stem cells can be easily taken from a fatty area, of your body, with a small amount of local anesthetic and a syringe! At T3 Hair restoration, the founder; Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon who is well versed in liposuction techniques. Dr. Beckenstein will be able to harvest this fat in less than 10 minutes! The stem cells are processed using the Healeon Centricyte 1000 system which readily and safely concentrates stem cells into a readily injectable solution. These stem cells are then introduced around hair follicles through a series of micro injections. It is believed that the stem cells will help hair follicles, that are gradually producing thinner hair shafts into producing thicker, healthier hair shafts. These cells, MAY also reverse the dormant follicles into, once again, making new hair. KEEP IN  MIND, THIS IS A NEW AND EXPERIMENTAL PROCESS, and like all cosmetic therapies, there are no guarantees. It is a safe process, as it uses your own cells and blood products with no known side effects. T3 will be supplying data from stem cell hair loss therapy to the FDA for its study on stem cell therapy. In fact, Congress just passed the biomedical innovation bill to support funding for stem cell research.

T3 hair restoration is the only Alabama center to offer true stem cell therapy for hair loss. If you are interested in this new and exciting treatment for thinning hair, please visit us at www.t3hair.net or contact us at 1-866-msbmd77 or (205) 776-7985.

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