Where the heck is the Birmingham Media on Stem Cells?!

There is another revolutionary treatment for hair loss that has been used in Birmingham, Alabama, for the past two years and it is not widely known to the public, except for those smart enough to search for such cutting edge therapies. True stem cell therapy is a new effective way to prevent and stop/slow down thinning hair in men AND women of any age. This treatment was introduced by Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. a hair loss pioneer in Alabama. he was the first to bring  to Alabama, which changed the landscape for treating Alabama hair loss. Dr. Beckenstein was the first Birmingham hair restoration practice to use Sunetics Low Level Laser therapy, high concentrate PRP, and scalp micro-pigmentation.  T3 Hair Restoration was founded as a result of all these new treatments for thinning hair. Dr. Beckenstein told us we now have a continuum for the treatment of thinning hair. T3 stands for through thick and thin. This means they can treat the earliest of hair loss and have effective treatments for actual baldness and beyond. If a male has complete baldness and there is no treatment available, scalp micro-pigmentation, or tattoo is available. Stem cells are the latest, safe treatment for hair loss.

Stem cells exist in our bone marrow and fat cells. They can safely and easily harvested through a small needle and cultured out through a high tech process. It is easiest and least uncomfortable to obtain fat cells. With a small needle and local anesthesia Dr. Beckenstein can harvest the fat cells in five minutes with minimal soreness. people return to work or any activity immediately when they leave T3’s facility. After the stem cells are cultured they are injected into the scalp using micro-needles, again people return to any activity, immediately, afterwards! Through photos and computer hair analysis, T3 tracks the progress of these therapies. Patients are seeing great results as far as increasing hair shaft diameters.

So why is the Birmingham Media not reporting on this? Who knows, we will get the word out and the smart folks will continue to research and be rewarded with the latest therapies to treat thinning hair. They will always find them at T3 Hair Restoration. They are with you through thick and thin!

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