T3, the ONLY Stem Cell therapy for hair loss in Alabama

Another innovative treatment for thinning hair is now in full swing in Alabama! T3, the ONLY stem cell therapy for hair loss in Alabama. Stem cell therapy is the latest innovation in medicine where stem cells (building blocks to other cells) are used to regenerate aging or failing cells. Stem cells are found in bone marrow and fatty tissue. Through needle aspiration, these cells can be harvested and injected into the body or used to build new cells such as cartilage or heart muscle. Michael S. Beckenstein, a Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgeon founded Birmingham Neograft as a revolutionary way to treat hair loss. He has since founded T3 Hair restoration as a new practice that continually innovates the treatment for hair loss. Stem cell therapy is his next addition to this ongoing battle of thinning hair.

”I am always looking for effective, safe, and innovative ways to combat hair loss. Stem cells are the latest and most promising one I have come across in a long time” states Dr. Beckenstein. “It is a fairly easy, minimally invasive process that requires us to harvest a small amount of fat from a patient’s areas of excess. This is easy for us, as we are very experienced with traditional liposuction. This is real easy as well use mini cannulas and s small amount of local anesthetic to reach the fat. It takes 10 minutes at most. We then use the Healeon stem cell system which is an amazing technological advancement to concentrate real, live stem cells.” adds Dr. Beckenstein. ”This is not some gimmicks that are out there touting stem cells when they are not at all. Stem cell processing is complex and most centers using it are part of FDA studies, which we are contributing to.” The stem cells are processed and Dr. Beckenstein injects them into your scalp as PRP is performed. The stem cells assist the hair follicles in producing thicker, healthy hair shafts. This creates higher relative hair density, diminishing the exposed scalp. It is a great option for both men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair.

if you are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy for Birmingham thinning hair, please visit us at www.t3hair.net or contact us at 205-933-9322?1-866-MSBMD77

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