T3 is Alabama’s Hair Restoration Epoch

Alabama now has a complete medical practice dedicated to treating hair loss! T3 Hair Restoration has evolved from Birmingham Neograft, the revolutionary practice brought to Birmingham, Alabama by plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D.

“ Since I started the Neograft practice, a lot has happened as far as what I can offer for hair restoration.” Dr Beckenstein states. “ We can now offer more effective treatments for all stages of types of hair loss, not just replacement. This is how T3 was born…three T’s: through thick and thin,….. think about that for a second….now you’ve got it!” Dr. Beckenstein adds “ We have therapies to allow men and women to keep their hair, grow their hair, and restore their hair. We even have an effective reach into your homes, where you can enjoy effective treatments.”

T3, like its predecessor, is an innovator in hair restoration and continues to introduce new therapies not available in this area. T3 offers OMNI growth factor therapy that can be used at home. This can extend PRP therapy into patients’ homes, increasing the effectiveness of growth factor treatments. AMNION derivatives increase the effectiveness of PRP using the beneficial components of the amniotic membrane. It can be used with PRP to strengthen its effect or used as a home treatment. “ What I am really excited about is our newest addition to treat hair loss….True stem cell therapy. T3 is teaming up with HEALEON to bring stem cell therapy to Alabama. We will be the first one here to offer it and will be part of trials for the FDA in stem cell therapy. This, to me is the most exciting and promising treatment for hair loss!” States DR. Beckenstein, T3 will be offering this in May.

T3 Hair Restoration is now available to treat hair loss in men and women, young and…more mature! We can help you keep your hair, grow your hair, restore your hair. We are with you through thick and thin. Please visit us online at www.T3hair.net or @T3hair1 on Twitter!

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