Stem Cell, Stem Cells, Stem Cells!!!

When we asked the founder of T3 Hair Preservation, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. what is the latest therapy to treat thinning hair, he enthusiastically responded, ”Stem Cells, Stem Cells, Stem Cells!!!” He added, ”We have been using them, in our patients for 4 years now. Finally, we can say we see good results with them. We have mastered the learning curve and streamlined the process where patients can have this done in minimal time. We consistently keep over 98% of our stem cells alive for injection, which is amazingly successful. This means a healthy population of stem cells is injected around a patient’s follicles.” T3 Hair Preservation is the first and only practice to treat thinning hair in Alabama that uses a patient’s own stem cells. They do not use processed cells. A patient’s own cells are the safest and most effective in treating hair loss.

Dr. Beckenstein explains, “The process is really easy. Using a syringe, we harvest a small amount of fat using a local anesthetic, which takes less than 5 minutes. We then process the fat into the stem cells. The scalp is numbed and the cells are injected, just like PRP treatments. After patients wash their hair, they can return to work or normal activity immediately. There is no downtime whatsoever.”

T3 Hair Preservation recommends two treatments a year and results can be seen around 6 months later. ”We evaluate our patients before and after treatment using our specialized computer analysis system that measures the diameter of the hair shafts. The numbers don’t lie,” states Dr. Beckenstein. ”We have been excited about this therapy since we introduced it to Alabama. Now that we have become extremely proficient with our system, we are extremely proud of what we have to offer at T3 Hair Preservation!”

If you are interested in stem cell therapy to treat thinning hair in Alabama visit us online at or call us at (205) 776-7985.

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