Excited about stem cells at T3!

We are excited about stem cells at T3! This new promising therapy is starting to show promise at T3 hair restoration, Birmingham, Alabama’s truly complete medical practice treating thinning hair. “Stem cells live in our fat and bone marrow” explains Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. T3’s founder and practitioner. ” We are able to simply obtain your fatty tissue with a simple, 5 minute, procedure with numbing medicine. We have the Healeon Centricyte system to process the fat into true stem cells. These are not purchased frozen stem cells, or alternatives to real cells.” Dr. Beckenstein stresses. “These are YOURS! They are safe and we can purify your cells where 99.9% of them are alive when I inject them.” Dr. Beckenstein cautions ” Other facilities and spas will sell you what they call stem cells or amniotic cells which are not true stem cells. These can be ridiculously expensive, certainly less the what we offer for your own cells.”

When asked how the procedure is performed Dr. Beckenstein explained, ”A patient will come in the morning of the procedure where local numbing cream will be placed on the area where the fat is to be taken from. A small injection will be placed to further numb the area. A needle will be inserted to remove the fat through a micro needle liposuction technique. The patient can return to work or any other activity while we process the stem cells, the process takes about 60 to 90-minute sections are placed in the scalp, followed by the injection of the stem cells. This takes about 15-20 minutes. Patients go home, shower and return to normal activity immediately! There is NO downtime!”

Results can be seen after about 6 months. T3 performs computer analysis before during, and after your treatments to monitor your progress. ” We are seeing nice increases in hair shaft diameter and density, in our patients” concludes Dr. Beckenstein, ” It is exciting and we are once more on the cutting edge of treating thinning hair no one else in the area is doing this right now.”

If you are interested in this new, exciting therapy for Alabama hair loss, visit us online at T3hair.net or contact us at (205) 776-7985.

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