Birmingham Stem Cell Therapy for Thinning Hair Rolls On!

Birmingham Stem Cell therapy for thinning hair rolls on! at T3 Hair restoration. Birmingham hair loss specialist and founder of T3 hair restoration, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. introduced Alabama to several innovative treatments for thinning hair. Stem cells are the latest treatment for thinning hair and hair loss for both men and women , young and older. Stem cells are regenerative cells in our body that help in rebuilding damaged, aging tissues. We can harvest stem cells and inject them into the scalp where they help aging follicles produce thicker healthier hair shafts. The result is a thicker head of hair.” states Dr. Beckenstein. We have a great technique to perform this, in our hair therapy suite, with local anesthesia, you can return to normal activity immediately after it is completed!”

Dr. Beckenstein through his Free The Follicles campaign is seeing great interest throughout the southeast for this exciting , new technology and therapy for Alabama hair loss. Birmingham stem cell therapy for thinning hair rolls on because the demand is increasing as T3 is scheduling patients for the remainder of this year. ” We have a full schedule as demand increases, we have limited procedure times available and are looking into 2017 as of now. We are thrilled with the response.” Dr. Beckenstein adds. ” T3 continues to find and offer safe, effective, innovative treatments for thinning hair for men and women of any age. We are a real medical practice that treats our folks as patients, not clients of a spa or hair salon. Hair loss is a medical condition, requiring evaluation and treatment by a physician with experience in this field. At T3 this is what you will find.”

If you are interested in stem cell therapy for thinning hair, or any of the other innovative therapies offered by T3 please visit us online at or contact us at (205) 776-7985/1-866-MSBMD77.

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