Birmingham now has Stem Cell therapy for hair loss!

T3 hair restoration is the first and only Alabama hair restoration center to offer this service and has successfully treated its first patients! Stem cell therapy uses cellular precursors that can regenerate tissue and repair damaged structures such as hair follicles. Stem cells can be taken from a person’s bone marrow or fatty tissue. At T3 your fat is easily taken using minute, custom made, liposuction catheters.” We use local anesthesia and obtain that fat sample in about 10 minutes. We accomplish this with a neat small needle!’ states Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. a board certified plastic surgeon, who founded T3. Once that fat is harvested, it is processed through an ingenious system developed by the Healeon medical corporation. ” they have made a complicated process extremely easy for us, and affords us the ability to obtain a huge population of live stem cells for treating our patients.” Dr Beckenstein adds. “these are real, bonified stem cells, not fat transfers, or other lesser therapies that other centers might tout as stem cells. This is why the FDA is studying this practice to come up with appropriate guidelines for stem cells. We are participating with the FDA in this effort by providing data through Healeon. I only provide safe, effective therapies for my patients. That is why I am going through this process to pave the way for this exciting therapy for Birmingham hair loss treatments’.

T3 already has a well tuned, easy process for you to undergo stem cell therapy. It is all performed in our state of the art hair restoration theater, which is a comfortable, safe. A medical facility that is staffed by DR. Beckenstein, his nurse and staff of skilled certified medical and surgical assistants. “Dr. B states “We have the fat access, Healeon processing and injection stages all efficiently available for a smooth visit with us”.

If you are a man or woman of ANY age who is suffering from hair loss and are interested in this newest treatment, please contact us at (205) 776-7985 or visit us at

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