Birmingham Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Many people think hair loss has to be treated with surgery but there are many options available. Birmingham non surgical hair restoration can consist of one or a combination of several treatment options. Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. founder of the revolutionary T3 Hair Restoration states,

“If you visit a real hair restoration center, they should offer you several options to treat your hair loss. We have a few wellness centers that offer just one or two options. They are not hair restoration specialists with sufficient core training.”

He adds “When you come to my practice you will see the difference. I offer a wide variety of clinically proven therapies and offer some new technology, as well. I offer medical therapies, that if appropriate, can definitely improve hair loss. T3 non surgical hair restoration can also consist of low level laser therapy, PRP therapy and scalp micropigmentation.”

When one seeks hair restoration, the right regimen has to be prescribed by knowing individuals. Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon who is the most experienced in NeoGraft® technology in Birmingham, has introduced low level laser therapy to hair restoration, and combined PRP with these. His practice – T3 Hair Restoration – is the only one that can offer combinations of these modalities that you cannot find elsewhere in Alabama.

T3 Hair Restoration is also the only hair restoration center to offer SHFST in the United States. This process of scalp micropigmentation simulates a complete head of close shaven hair. When performed correctly, excellent results are obtained! Men who are not candidates for any hair replacement or other conservative therapies, can certainly opt in for this method.

If you are experiencing hair loss of any type, make sure you visit an experienced hair restoration center who can offer you non surgical hair restoration and true hair transplantation, as well.  As Dr. Beckenstein states ”some of these store front operations offer one, maybe two, options with non experienced doctors performing and supervising them. When the only tool you have is a hammer, the whole world is a nail.”

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