At T3 Hair Restoration the Doctor is IN!

Birmingham folks with thinning hair often seek out medical solutions to solve their hair loss. There are many choices and options out there and it is up to you, the patient to seek out the best choice for your Alabama hair restoration. Many hair loss treatment centers provide care by non physicians that are not supervised by doctors. Some physicians, that own these centers, are not even certified or educated in the treatment of hair loss! If you are an educated patient and want to be treated by a board certified plastic surgeon, well versed in the treatment of your thinning hair, then T3 hair restorationis the practice for you!

T3 hair restoration was founded by Alabama plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. who brought Birmingham Neograft to Alabama. T3 was established because there are so many therapies available to treat thinning hair that the name Neograft alone was not a good description.T3 provides every available therapy classification to Alabama hair loss patients and is always provided by the Doctor! Dr. Beckenstein will be personally with you during your consultations, treatments, and follow up care. He is always available 24/7 for you and will answer your calls personally! Unlike other hair loss businesses at T3 hair restoration the doctor is always IN! There are some businesses, in Birmingham, where a physician is not on site for any of your care and none available for after hours questions or care. Imagine, the rare circumstance where there is an emergency situation, you call your hair team and a non- physician answers but cannot render the medical care you need. They have no medical background to treat you, cannot treat you in an emergency room, nor have hospital privileges. You are on your own and will end up being treated or referred to another physician who knows how to treat you! Why would you subject yourself to this risk?!

Rest assured at T3, Dr. Beckenstein will be there for you anytime and can handle any situation that might arise with you hair loss therapy! He is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been specializing in treating hair loss in Alabama for over 8 years. T3 hair restoration is a dedicated medical hair restoration practice, owned by and all treatments supervised by a physician well versed in treating hair loss in Alabama. If you want an anesthesiologist, laser technicians, or spas that treat your hair loss at one of many services offered, they are out there! If you are looking for safe, effective treatment of your hair loss by a real physician, dedicated to hair loss therapy; at T3 hair restoration the doctor is always in!

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