A trial of Stem cell therapy for hair loss in Birmingham

T3 Hair Restoration is currently performing a trial of stem cell therapy for hair loss in Birmingham. This is a new trend in medicine that uses one’s stem cells to assist in regenerating and restoring tissues. Stem cells is playing a role in orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, and cosmetic surgery as well. Stem cells might also play a role in helping restore hair follicle production of thicker hair shafts.

Stem cells are a population of cells in our bodies that play a role in healing and regeneration. They reside in fatty tissue and bone marrow. Stem cells are harvested through needle aspiration. Obtaining them from fat is an easy, painless process, with no downtime from recovery. Bone marrow harvesting is a painful process! The stem cells are processed through a standard protocol using safe techniques and technology. The cells are concentrated into an injectable form that can be introduced anywhere in the body. Since they are your cells, they are completely safe! There have been reports of complications and harm from stem cell injection because they were placed into eyes and other areas where there is high risk! Injecting stem cells into the skin, scalp, joints, and other areas is completely safe.

Various practices are currently performing stem cell trials to determine effectiveness of these cells. These trials are being conducted using standards that are not experimental. The data is being collected and will be presented to the FDA over a 7 year period to demonstrate, safety and effectiveness. T3 Hair restoration is one such practice that is performing stem cell therapy for thinning hair. Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon who has reputation for safety and an innovator. He has teamed up with Healeon Medical Inc. to collect data about stem cell therapy for hair loss. The Healeon CENTRIcyte 1000 system is a safe, effective system in obtaining viable stem cells. Dr. Beckenstein has over 20 years of liposuction experience which makes the harvesting of fat, for stem cell concentration extremely easy and effective.

Not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy and there are no promises for effectiveness! We know it is safe to perform and several patients have successfully completed their treatments without complications.

Anyone interested in participating in this trial can contact T3 Hair Restoration at (205) 776-7985 or 1-866-MSBMD77.

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